Professional Mouse Control and Extermination in Your Local Area

Mouse and Rat Extermination ChesterMany residents think that mice are fairly harmless when compared to rats. However, mice are much more common and can cause a lot more damage to your home. They breed swiftly and a small infestation can turn into a severe outbreak in a very short period of time. That’s why taking care of your mouse problems should be with the highest priority:

  • Mice can contaminate food and water through the droppings they leave behind
  • Mice can spread bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning and other illnesses
  • Mice are unsanitary, breed quickly and do damage to your furniture and home

With all these potential health issues and having to repair or replace ruined furniture, walls and clothing, it’s highly recommended to solve your mouse problem by calling a professional mice exterminator. We cover all postcodes in and around Chester.

No More Rats Here, No More Rats There, No More Rats Everywhere

If you see rats in your home, you must treat them as a serious pest problem. Rats can cause damage to electrical wiring, can chew through walls, insulation and floor joists. The roof rats are the ones you’re most likely to find inside or around your property. They make their nests in the attic of your home, or in trees and bushes around your property.

Rats often live in higher areas, they are adept climbers and very good at travelling through the neighborhood without being seen. But that’s because they are nocturnal and usually hide from humans. Here are some of the signs that can indicate their presence:

  • Rat droppings and debris from chewing
  • Ripped food packaging
  • Scratching noises
  • Nests and burrows

Protect Your Property From Future Mice and Rats Invasions

Mice, rats and other rodents tend to migrate indoors when it’s cold outside, seeking food and shelter. And when they do, they easily cause havoc with your health and house. This is where we come in – to keep them out! We set traps inside the house, in the basement and around the perimeter. All products we use are safe for your kids and pets, while being very effective against these little critters.

But that’s not all! We go one step further with our mouse and rat control service. We make sure your property is protected from any future rodent infestations. We walk the entire perimeter of your house to assess existing and potential entry points. We point cracks in brick, wood, mortar, siding and foundations to seal or block them with foam, wire tool or sealant.