Don't Let This Flea Infestation Take Over Your Home

Flea Extermination ChesterFleas are very small wingless insects, usually dark in color. Fleas are considered a parasite as they have to find a host in order to live and reproduce. This usually is your cat or dog. Fleas have very short life cycle, but they breed very swiftly when there is access to a source of blood to feed on.

Fleas can be risky to have around your home not only because they are a continuous irritation for your pets, but they can bite you too and leave an itchy bump on your skin. This of course causes discomfort and can become infected when you scratch it too much.

Usually a flea problem in your home is too difficult to handle on your own. That’s why it’s always a better idea to hire a professional pest control company to take care of this outbreak directly and effectively.

Flea Control, Treatment, Fumigation and Extermination

Having a cat or a dog, you are already aware of the frustration of a flea infestation. But your furry friends are not the only ones that can suffer from these insects. Fleas are attracted to your blood too. A flea outbreak can be really annoying because it’s not that easy to spot these tiny pests. The solution – use the services of a certified flea extermination company.

Our pest control services attack the most intensive flea areas around your home. We offer both chemical and organic treatment plans. Call 01244 293 050 now, let’s solve this issue together and bring your life back to normal. We cover all postcodes in and around Chester.

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We know exactly how to get rid of your flea problems. We won’t just exterminate the fleas, we will go to the root of the source and make sure that when the fleas go away, they stay away. We utilise advanced eco-friendly techniques to efficiently take care of the flea outbreak in a safe for your kids and pets manner.

In most of the cases, our flea extermination service is performed in one visit. While you take your pet to the vet, we inspect and evaluate the situation, find signs of infestation around your home and implement our precise flea treatment process. Book our guaranteed service today to get 2 follow-up visits for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.