Proactive Pest Control Inspection and Extermination Programs

Pest Extermination ChesterBed bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats and other household pests are more than just annoyance. They harm environment, damage structures, transmit diseases and can cause additional health issues. Call 01244 293 050 now to protect your family and home:

  • Proactive pest control inspection visits that include a thorough assessment of your property for recent pest activity, environmental and structural damages
  • Advanced pest treatment programs that utilise the most appropriate solutions for the specific pest problem you have, while being safe for your family and pets
  • Consultation, education and recommendations we might have to improve the pest prevention and protection between services
  • Emergency pest extermination response to ensure better experience and complete satisfaction of our services

Best Practices For Effective Resolution of Your Pest Problems

Our main goal is to ensure eco-friendly, effective and responsible pest prevention and extermination services. We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management, and the recommendations of both Public Health England and the Environment Agency.

Our pest extermination solutions are grounded in the knowledge of specific pests, their recognition, assessment of infestation severity and treatment with the most appropriate non-chemical techniques or pesticides. Our certified technicians explain in detail all recommendations on how to maintain a pest-free home through elimination of entry points and harborage sites.

After a detailed inspection and evaluation, we perform the necessary treatment to take care of the target pest. Once the infestation is gone, we focus on the perimeter of your property to keep all pests from entering your house again. For some of the most pesky pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and rats, we recommend a quarterly service that monitors and maintains their population levels.

We Are Your Local Pest Control Company

All our pest treatment services are performed by professional, certified and experienced pest exterminators. They always start with full property inspection to define the level of infestation, possible entry points and the proper pest removal methods. Our services aren’t hourly based and we leave your home once the job is finished.

Call 01244 293 050 now to schedule our guaranteed service and get 2 follow-up visits for free within a 3 months period after the initial visit. Or ask for our special deals when you are a return client. We cover all postcodes in and around Chester.